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FROM: Brad Ellis

Dear Friend:

What ever your experience, level of expertise or confidence:

  • If you have the desire to please your woman...
  • if you worship the vulva and its neighbours...
  • if you have bags of enthusiasm......
  • if you have a beginners mind.........

…. than you are about to learn the surefire ways, tips, positions and techniques to giving her Mind blowing, Earth moving, Pussy wetting (is that a term?), Glass Shattering Oral Sex ! – in other words - a pussy that just can’t stop purring…!

I am a hot blooded American male, a lover of women and all their bits, an artist, an expert, a connoisseur of oral sex!

I can’t recall the number of women I have bedded..but its quality right - not quantity! I have been privileged to taste many fine morsels – I was a star, a legend, women would scream with excitement when my tongue approached them…

Or So I thought!

Give Her Great Oral Sex


When one of my girlfriends asked me to stop – because she was not enjoying herself
my world fell apart.

Ok I didn’t know the vulva from the elbow, ok I didn’t appreciate a woman’s heat map, ok I didn’t know how the clit functioned – but I assumed that my flaying around like a mad dog would do the trick. Somewhere , somehow my tongue would eventually hit the spot.

The same girlfriend patiently explained to me that there was a bit more to it…!

I proceeded to be instructed on :

      •  the parts of the anatomy,
      • how to turn a woman on just by your words! ( I didn’t know either!) ,
      • why foreplay, breast play, vulva teasing was so important
      • how to warm up a woman between the legs
      • how women liked to be licked – yes it does vary!,
      • what my fingers could do to help out,
      • how to increase the sensation of my tongue...

I was shocked, Things were getting
more technical than a Fighter Plane cockpit!


I’m sure you’ve been there before – brimming with enthusiasm, you venture boldly forward into the darkness…Hours later, stiff neck, sore back, and losing any feeling left in your tongue, you come up for air..


And your lady friend is  giving you that’s ok sweetheart, it’s the taking part that counts’ look!


Flash forward today –years later, and I can tell
you that the story has all changed


From my trials, experiments, feedback from lovers, coffee table discussions with my lesbian friends, not to mention my library of erotic literature - I have learned the best ways to hit her G-spot, C-Spot, and every other spot in between! And all with my tongue and a few fingers!


We say NO to Crappy Cunnilingus Technique!



We're going to give you something that will drastically change
the way you give pleasure to a woman!



Learn how to give her amazing oral sex TODAY!


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I would like to thank you Brad for your book. I love the easy to follow steps - and so did my girlfriend. The 10 oral sex positions were absolutely great to try out.
Mark Adams, New York
Thank you for making my life easier! I love women and I love oral sex. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but your instructions have made things much easier for me now.
Jason Prescott, CA

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You are about to take a journey to the centre of civilization. That warm, sweet oasis that you are longing to curl up in! Learn the secrets to finding your way home, to draw these ladies to you, to engage their minds and senses, to explore their bodies, and to unleash your learned tongue between their legs, just the place she is craving your exclusive attention.

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The Guide to Online Dating : Learn the best tips to meeting women on the internet. How to appear strong, confident, and exciting to her. Online dating may seem to be the simplest thing in the world but it is not. there are a lot of things that a person has to know before one gets into the intricacies of it.

The Health and Fitness Guide : Improve your body shape, cardiovascular health, posture and ooze much more charisma than ever! Top tips to assessing your fitness, spot toning those hard to deal with areas, and improve flexibility and stamina. Traits that will hardly go amiss in the bedroom!

Change Your Life - Change Your Mind : By learning how the mind works, we understand how to break the cycles that keep us on the outside looking in, instead of where we truly wish to be.


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We are proud to offer you a no-hassle 60-day guarantee.

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Learn how to give her amazing
oral sex TODAY!

  • Make Her Want You : Play the Seduction Game and Learn The Top Tips to Being More Attractive to Women – even if your short, bald, fat or don’t have a dime to your name
  • The Beginners Guide To Flirting : Give her the signals that you want her without looking desperate!
  • Desire Begins in the Mind : Begin the seduction days or even weeks before hand and make her really crave your touch
  • Learn The Best Way to Warm Up Her Body : Give Her Waves of Pleasure and stimulation so she is hot and ready for your tongue to do as it pleases!
  • The Female Anatomy Beginners Class: Don’t know your labia from your perineum? – well you are about to learn a crash course on the anatomy in full technicolour splendor, as well as a description on how to handle all the parts!
  • How to Warm Her up Between The legs: Before the action the action really begins!
  • The Ultimate Oral Sex Techniques : and Give her an amazing, mind blowing experience with your tongue and mouth.
  • Discover the amazing suck and hold method :– to have her melt in your mouth. (Most men have no idea – and wonder why the ladies get bored!)
  • Give her a Hand or Maybe a Finger or Two : How to support all your tongues hard work, by using your fingers to stimulate her clit, vagina, G-Spot, and even the anus.
  • The 10 Amazing Oral Sex Positions : Be the artist you’ve always wanted to be and paint her canvas in so many different colors. I guarantee a different experience and thrill each time!
  • A – spot Stimulation : Rim her and sing your song on her other regions to give her a truly unique and amazing experience
  • Unravel The Myth of Female Ejaculation : To squirt or not to squirt ; )
  • Learn to Add The Sizzle to Your Oral Sex : Really turn her on by using the creativity in many ways..try different positions, fantasies, role play, food, powerplays.. all involving oral sex!
  • Discover The Essential Body Language Tips: and learn how to look more strong, confident and sexually magnetic
  • The Worst Mistakes You Could Ever Make: Learn What Women hate about your technique. You will be very surprised.
  • Safe Sex: What can and cannot be done. Read it NOW and save yourself the worry

Plus even more...

Lesbian Seduction Secrets – really get into her mind and get a feel for what women really crave in bed, between the sheets, and between the legs ; )

The Correct Foreplay Etiquette to Kissing, Breast play, Vulva Teasing, Massage : arouse her by giving her waves of pleasure - How to really turn her on!

Learn the Tips on Pleasure From the Kamasutra – so you really can be the artist she craves!

Discover all aspects of the anatomy – parts you may not have known existed! ..including the real deal of the "mystical G-Spot" to give her even more intense orgasms

Learn the only 2 tongue techniques you need to know – the Basic and the Turbo-Charged Tongue Otherwise known as The Suck and Hold Technique so you can pleasure her to orgasm effortlessly!

Learn the best positions to avoid Neck Strain: Take your time, get comfortable, and oral sex her in a variety of new ways that do not result in a trip to the chiropracter

The Complete Beginners guide to Anal Stimulation : so you can use these techniques immediately after reading and come across as an expert!

Does Female Ejaculation really occur? Finally get the facts and sleep a better sleep tonight

 Hot Oral sex fantasies to fire you and her up! Whether it’s nurse / patient, teacher / student, coach / player – act out your fantasies so that she’s hot and ready for you to eat her out!

The 10 worst Mistakes you could ever mistake when pussy loving. Shame on you!



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Attract women to you effortlessly

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Give her amazing pleasure with your tongue

Add sizzle and excitement to your bedroom with amazing oral sex positions

Use oral sex in your fantasy, bondage/power plays, or just to have fun


And, so much more...

You owe it to yourself and to her to get the best tips, techniques and advise from a real life
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Best Regards,

Brad Ellis

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